Insurance Claims & Nuisance Calls From Personal Accident Companies

It’s now just about a year since I had a minor accident in my car.  I was actually stationary when a small van backed into the passenger door of my car.  The impact was about equivalent to someone kicking the door.  It goes without saying that I suffered no distress or injury or, in fact, anything that I feel I need to be compensated for.

Since the accident (in fact on the very same day) I have been receiving calls from Personal Accident Companies wanting to help get me compensation for my injuries.  I would estimate that I must have had in excess of 1000 calls, tend to have a minimum of one a day, and actually had 5 last night between 19:00 and 21:00.

I’ve gone through phases of explaining exactly what happened and that I have not suffered in any way, being deliberately rude, saying I don’t live here any more, leaving the phone to one side until they hang up… and so on.

One problem seems to be that the other party made a successful claim (not sure what for) and therefore the assumption is that I will claim too.  I had one caller suggest that even though I hadn’t suffered at all I should just put a claim in (which would be approved) and that would stop companies calling me.  So making a fraudulent claim is the suggested action of one company.

One other suggested that “maybe you’ve forgotten that you were hurt, this does happen…”, so I need to “remember” being injured.

And a third just suggested that I was an idiot as I could get “free money”.

On the bright side, one of the companies I spoke to said that you have to claim within three years, so only two more years of nuisance calls to go!

It would appear that this is just a money making scheme of insurance (they sell your information on) and personal accident companies, they both take their cuts, and the costs get passed onto us in our premiums.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Direct Line for selling on my details.

If you think that there should be more control over these nuisance calls Which? are running a campaign here:

Which? Calling Time on Nuisance Calls & Texts

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2 Responses to Insurance Claims & Nuisance Calls From Personal Accident Companies

  1. Ron Scubadiver says:

    Get on the no call list. If they continue to call tell them you will report them.

    • CoastalCoder says:

      I’m on the list, but my insurance company forwarded the details (which apparently they’re allowed to do), so that gives them the okay to call… although each one should stop after I’ve asked to be removed

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