Leaving Ebay? Cancel all email notifications first!

If you have ever tried to resolve any issue with Ebay, you will be well aware of the frustration of automated, moronic responses, repeated requests for information, ignored communications, etc, etc, etc…

If you haven’t, I would highly recommend not bothering. Anyhow…

Approximately a year ago I cancelled my Ebay account.  Since then I have continued to receive all the email notifications that I had configured while I was a member, e.g. “Items from your favourite sellers”. In these emails it has instructions on how to stop receiving them, “To unsubscribe from this email, change your notification preferences”.  Now then, in order to change your notification preferences all you need to do is log into your account… The quick witted among you will have quickly spotted the flaw in this sound advice… So I’m back in the email hell that is Ebay Support…

  1. Send an email request to ask them to stop sending emails.
  2. Receive an email confirming that I want to close my account (?!)
  3. Reply asking them to stop sending emails to my email address for my closed account.
  4. Receive an email saying that they take fraudulent emails very seriously (well, I guess we’re getting closer), can I please supply the email header.
  5. Send a copy of the email header.
  6. Receive an email saying thank you for the email header (now we’re cooking!), but I need to send the actual email source as well.
  7. Send entire email source.
  8. Hear nothing for a couple of weeks, so, I reply to the email in 6 asking what’s happening.
  9. See 4 and 7
  10. See 8 and 9
  11. See 8 and 4 and 8…

Can you see a pattern emerging here?  So, my advice to anyone closing an Ebay account is to change the registered email address to someone you really don’t like and leave the country…


Cancel everything you can lay your hands on before you close your account.

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